Glen West
Mark your calendar for 2015: August 2-9, 2015

St. John's College, Santa Fe, New Mexico | Situated in the gently sloping foothills of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, Glen West is equal parts creative workshop, arts festival, and spiritual retreat. Glen West's arresting natural environment is contrasted by its casual and inviting crowd of artists, writers, art appreciators, and spiritual wayfarers of all stripes.

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07:30 AM | Breakfast
08:15 AM | Morning Worship

Our (optional) worship service, led by Fr. Richard Rohr, is ecumenical and substantive.

09:00 AM | Workshops

You’ll attend one of the faculty-led workshops: poetry, fiction, spiritual writing, photography, painting, life drawing, songwriting, or the film seminar. Check out the class descriptions.

12:00 PM | Lunch
01:00 PM | Professional Workshop / Book Signing / Exploration

On certain days we’ll have special programming at 1pm. It may be a book signing or an optional professional workshop such as Blog Writing or How to Write a Query Letter. Or maybe it’s just a chance to get out and see the city…

03:30 PM | Reading, Lecture, or Visual Art Presentation

One of our star faculty will share their work with the entire group.

05:00 PM | Supper
07:00 PM | Evening Reading, Lecture, or Visual Art Presentation

One of our star faculty will share their work with the entire group.

08:30 PM | Open Mic / Open Slides

A chance to share what you’re working on!

Speaker Lineup
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Karen An-hwei Lee

Poetry Workshop

Led by Karen An-hwei Lee Karen An-hwei Lee is the author of Phyla of Joy (Tupelo 2012), ...
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Linnea Spransy

Painting Workshop

“In this class, we will survey the work of artists who have attempted to synthesize ...
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Susan E. Isaacs

Spiritual Writing Workshop

“For the person of faith, all writing is spiritual writing—whether faith is ...
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EPSON DSC picture

Scott Cairns

Poetry Workshop

“Having worked together in class to distinguish between poetry, fiction, exposition, ...
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BarryMoser speaker size

Barry Moser

Life Drawing

“Students will use classic principles and exercises to better understand the art of ...
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otr speaker photo

Over the Rhine

Songwriting Workshop

“Musicians and music lovers of varying backgrounds and proficiency are welcome to ...
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Michael Wilson 3

Michael Wilson

Photography Workshop

“To engage the world, see the light and make pictures – simply put, this is the ...
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Melissa Pritchard

Fiction Workshop

“Our workshop will de-mythicize the process of story writing and explore questions ...
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